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  • The Van
    After brief negotiations I finally sold my Passat to a girl in her early 20's. It was sad to watch her "old lady it" out of the drive way. I thought she was going to crash it before I mailed off the title to the DMV. Since I know what area of town she lives in I find myself scanning intersections in
  • Fast Food Ordering
    I asked Alyssa what she wanted for lunch today. Not that she usually gives me an answer I can actually use, but I can always expect something interesting. It's usually something random like "Spaghetti!" or "Pepsi please!" But today's answer was extra special.with cheese on top. Me: Alyssa, what do
  • Pediatric Dentist
    Figured We just got back from taking the kids to their very first dentist appointment. It went exactly as I thought it would go. Evan was 1st up in the chair and had a great time. He even let the dentist clean his teeth all the while laughing and smiling as it vibrated and tickled his teeth. Alys
  • Delayed Thanksgiving Message…
    Seems since Thanksgiving I've been in a whilrl wind of holiday's + sick kids = tired me! So I feel I need to back up and share what's been going on with us. Here is the video we sent to my family on Thanksgiving Day. And here is the Christmas Card we sent out this year.for those who didn't get one
  • Shopping Like A True Northwest Mom
    I would love to be a thrifty shopper, but it's just not in my jeans. (not a typo). I have however finally found something that I think is going to help me! One of my Northwest mom friends (at heart) just set me a link to an awesome blog. It's titled thrifty NW mom and this is the mission: Bargains,
  • When you wake up in the morning and (it’s Halloween)
    it's a quarter to two, you brush your teeth, chch a chch, chch a chch, you bruch your teeth.AND then you then carve your pumpkins! (you have to be a mom to get that joke/song-sorry it's corny) We hadn't gotten around to carving pumpkins yet so I decided that I better get it done TODAY (Halloween) b
  • Cereal
    Quote of the Day: Scene: Luke is sitting at the table feeding himself and Alyssa a bowl of cereal meanwhile also holding Evan and feeding him raisins. When he looks away to feed Evan a raisin Alyssa takes the discarded plastic milk tab from the newly opened milk carton and dipps it into the milk in
  • Watching the Grass Grow
    We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my Island Living blog post. I'm sure you won't need to reference it as you have all my old blogs memorized. ;) Quick summary: It rained We found a cute little pond in our backyard The pond came into our bedroom, not so cute anymore
  • Kirby How I Love Thee, Yet I Don’t Own Thee
    I SO want a Kirby vacuum cleaner. But sheesh, do they have to be so expensive?" /> I heard through the Microsoft employee Duvall email list that the Kirby sales team was in town. I was so excited! Since I heard this news, it's been about 2 months. I was beginning to think they had skipped over our
  • Credit Card Declined
    How much do you never want to hear those words come from a cashier making eye contact with you?! I was at Old Navy returning something.yes Grandma, I know big surprise. haha The cashier asked me if I would like my return in cash or back on my debit card. I chose debit card because I didn't need
  • 3rd Annual Moldy Pumpkin Patch
    We did it again. We waited until the last week to venture to the pumpkin patch. We had good intentions of getting pumpkins a few weeks ago when we were at the corn maze, but you heard how that turned out. This was one of the first non-rainy day since, so we jumped on the chance to go. We walked
  • Twilight Saga and Beyond
    My lovely friend Christa, an avid reader and writer of young adult literature, recently started a blog of book reviews for young readers. I love the purpose of her website: "To give reading recommendations and appropriate caution for readers who desire to honor God with what they put before t
  • It's A Muffin!
    Luke and Alyssa watching a movie: Alyssa: Woah! It's a muffin! Luke: No, it's actually a jellyfish Alyssa: Oh
  • Marry, Mary
    I was reading Cinderella to Alyssa.once again. We got to the end of the book and I said, "Then the prince married Cinderella." Alyssa: Who's Mary?! Where's the Married?
  • Lost in the Corn Maze
    Our friends invited us to go with them to pick pumpkins and go through a corn maze. We thought it sounded like a fun adventure.and an adventure it was! We actually got lost in the corn maze for 2 hours! It was a bitter/sweet memory. We were super excited when we first got there and decided to take
  • "OH MY!" It's Alyssa's Half Birthday
    So we accidentally celebrated Alyssa's 1/2 birthday a month early.oops. But "OH MY!" did she have a great time! It was more awesome than we thought it was going to be. It was a fun excuse to bake her a little cake and wrap up a couple of gifts her Aunt Jerene had sent in a recent package. She was
  • Quote of the Day: Probably Not OK
    Sabrina to Alyssa: "I don't know what you are doing, but it's probably not OK." I was in the midst of putting together a dessert and couldn't turn around to see what she was doing. Turns out she was pulling magnets off of the fridge and throwing them onto the floor. I could tell by the sound that s
  • One Thousand!
    I have now officially broken 1000 points on Moms4mom. Luke has brought out my competitive side in this whole thing. He kept saying, "OH snap, you're the first to 600" etc., etc. Apparently I've been the first to ~~most~~ all of the 100 marks past 600 and so last night I was in the 900's and I was
  • BBQ Reptiles, I mean BBQ & Reptiles
    oh yeah and buses! Do these words go together? Bus BBQ Reptiles They do if you live near us. 15 minutes away from our house there is this bus. Two buses actually. And out of these buses they serve BBQ. And it's good. Really good. Where are these buses located you ask? In the parking lot of a re
    I was given the idea to start a quote of the day. I like it. QUOTES FROM TODAY: Alyssa to Luke: Daddy do you want to watch a movie? Okay. What movie do you want to watch? Luke not paying attention: Huh? Alyssa: What movie do you want to watch? Luke now paying more attention,
  • Apples and Toes?!
    Let's begin with the apples! We were invited to a friend of a friend's house to go apple picking in their yard. They have 17 apple trees so there was plenty for us to pick. I wish I had brought my camera, but sadly I didn't even think to bring it. I think Evan had the most fun picking apples. He
  • Perfect Timing for the Fair
    We had heard fun things about the Evergreen County Fair, which is only 15 minutes away from our house, so while Luke's mom was here visiting we decided to try it out. It was a crazy adventure because we had to squish into Luke's Jetta because my car was out of commission (that's a whole other story
  • You Guys
    This might not come as a surprise for those of you who have kids, but it is always interesting to experience these sorts of conversations with your kids for the first time. Here is a conversation my husband had with my 2 year old tonight: Luke: Alyssa it's time to go to bed after we read this book
  • Seriously?!
    I love giraffe's. Whether live at the zoo, stuffed animals or even cakes (obviously). Well maybe I don't love them as much as my friend Kristi's mom who has lots of giraffe statues and such, but I do think they are awfully cute. I recently joined this group on a website titled Moms4mom. I'd say I'm
  • Blueberry Hunt
    While my parents were here visiting my mom was kind enough to yield to my blueberry picking craving and went on a journey with me and the kids to find a blueberry farm. She had never gone berry picking before, except backyard picking, and wasn't sure she was up for getting her feet dirty. Well, it t
  • Our Little Monkey Turned 1
    We celebrated Evan's birthday a week early because my parents were in town the week before his "real" birthday. We didn't have a big shabang, just a little after dinner cake party with our neighbors and one of our church friends. It actually just started out that I was going to make a little c
  • Little Love
    I hang out with my neighbor, Melissa 2, almost every day. When we don't hang out or talk/text it seems when you leave the house and forget your cell phone. We share the small things of know so that we get our word quota out of the way - as Melissa 2 says. hehe Her son Von is a
  • It Is Enough to Make a Speech Therapist Proud
    Evans first word is the same as Alyssa's first sign. It was quite shocking to see him try to make all the sound placements with his mouth. It's a cute video, hope you like it.
  • Sandbox Swimming
    Yep they're swimming in a sandbox.and loving every minute. They only get out when their lips are as purple as the sandbox! Three big bowls of warm water mixed with hose water, but it was still a little chilly. They were splashing and having a grand `ol time. :)
  • Goofy and Not So Goofy Happenings at the Foust House
    They look so calm, it's because they're under the influence. They're addicted to TV. Mostly because when it's cold I find myself letting them watch more TV than they probably should. But it's summer now! Finally. So the TV's been off and the goofiness has begun. Normally if I'm trying to get some
  • Berry Picking - better than it tastes
    One (of several) good things about living here in Washington is the fresh fruit! Our family is fond of fruit - especially Alyssa and I. Together we can take down any 2lb Costco container of fruit in 1-2 days maximum.often times in one sitting. I think I've mentioned it before, but if Alyssa and I ar
  • Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
    I have two friends who's husbands are in the military. Just a shout out to you: Nathan Morales, Mark Mason - you guys are awesome! Happy 4th of July! {align="center"} We spent this 4th of July at our Pastor's house. Their backyard is perfect for this kind of event because they have a huge deck,
  • San Diego Trip (part 2)
    The second half of our trip began with a visit to Irene. She was really excited to meet Evan for the first time and was amazed at how much Alyssa had grown. We were greeted with a huge thunder and lightening storm, but at least it was a warm shower. The rest of our trip was pretty know:
  • Rubbing Off
    Father's Day quickly arrived yesterday. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary like give gifts and our meals were actually unplanned and dinner in particular was extra terrible. I was feeling kind of guilty for not even getting Luke a card and then it happened. We were driving in the car and Luke
  • Overgrown
    We just got back from our trip to California. We arrived to overgrown weeds knee high in our front yard which was a little disappointing to say the least. Especially since we've been working really hard to clear the yard out. I can't decide if I'm more annoyed with the overgrown weeds or with my ove
  • Alyssa's 2nd Birthday Bash
    Alyssa woke up from her nap the day of her birthday party to the sound of kids arriving to her party. Let's just say she was very surprised and excited. I'm not sure why she didn't see it coming with all the decorations we put up in the morning! Maybe it's because she's 2 years old! :) She had all
  • Easter Baskets For All
    I made Easter baskets for all of us this year.not sure how long I'll do that for Luke and me, but it was fun this year. Especially since my friend Rebeccah sent me some cute stuff to fill mine with and I had been wanting an excuse to buy Luke an itunes gift card. :) Our Easter morning was filled
  • Oh Deer
    A couple of weeks ago Luke was ready to leave for work and Alyssa and I walked him to the front door. We sometimes wave to him from the big picture window. Well this particular morning we were all shocked to see 2 deer in our front yard! I imagine the deer entered our street from the neighbor's h
  • New Beds - Part 2
    The hand me down process has begun. Crib: Presto-Chango I love his new bedding and his mobile, but I'm thinking about taking the mobile back. I think he's probably already outgrown the need for a mobile. It was an impulse buy because it's so cute. My friend Rebeccah made this quilt for him.I
  • New Beds And All They Bring
    Does she look big enough for a "Big Girl Bed?" Well ready or not (or maybe a little of both) here it is! Do you see the purple pillow? She actually sleeps on this side because this is the side she slept on in her crib so we wanted to keep it the same for a while. It seems to work out well beca
  • Bleh
    I might have poisoned my family tonight. Hopefully not, but it's possible. It went like this. I made a casserole and actually had enough time to cut up real pieces of chicken to put into it instead of the Costco canned chicken I normally use. So I put it in the oven and set the timer amount for w
  • Longest Day Ever
    Thursdays are normally long because Luke doesn't get home until 9pm because of band practice at church.well sometimes he comes home between work and practice, but it still tends to feel long when he's not around. Well today felt abnormally long because Evan couldn't keep his milk down. He has the s
  • Christmas Festivities
    The Botanical Gardens in Bellevue with the Pence Family I was pouring rain when we arrived, but thanks to Jenn's prayers there was a halt in the rain for pretty much the exact time we arrived to when we left - the power of prayer is amazing! It was still freezing, but at least it wasn't raining!
  • DVD Addict
    Alyssa will pretty much do anything to watch a movie. The typical is to say "movie please" followed by listing each and every one of her movies in a whiny voice while following you around the house until you give in or distract her. Depending on which room in the house you are in her request change
  • Not THAT Kitchen
    I'm trying to decide what to do about feeding Alyssa snacks in regards to crumbs. Sometimes it would be nice if she could feed herself a snack outside of her high chair while I'm feeding Evan. I usually have cheerios or crackers in a spill-proof bowl handy on those occasions, but that usually requir
  • tooth fairy?
    Ok. I admit it. I am the tooth fairy. Which explains why I have been so tired lately. I am up all night sneaking into kid's rooms trying to place money under their pillows without waking them up. It also explains why I never have any money. Kids demand a lot these days for their teeth. I even saw on
  • 6 Month know what that means
    FOOD! Yep, that would be baby oatmeal And yes he loved the spoon more than the oatmeal, but ate about a tablespoon worth And yes Alyssa couldn't stay out of the pictures.although I don't think she has acquired full on jealousy as of yet.she just loves getting her picture taken. And yes
  • California Faces
    Do you miss these faces? Not to worry, they will be coming to visit you early this summer! (Well those of you who live in California that is.) We found a great deal on jetBlue and booked a flight from May 27 - June 10! Yep, 2 whole weeks! Yeay! Can't wait to see you all soon!
  • Centenarian
    My Great Grandpa John recently died and I was asked to write a little something to be read at his funeral. This is what I came up with. 100 years old. A Centenarian. That is amazing. I think we can all agree to round up to 100 because saying "My Great Grandpa was 99.9 years old" just doesn't sound
  • My Two Baldy's
    This is what I woke up to this morning. A cute bald baby and a matching daddy. At least now I can see the resemblance of the two more!
  • I Have Two Fingers...
    This is why we bought our video camera.for times like these! I can't wait. Here's the info on this video: This is my 7 year old son who had an extra tooth removed last summer, 2008. I had the camera because he was so nervous before I wanted him to
  • Time Out From One to Ten
    We have this little stool we use for Alyssa's time out's. The way it goes is that when she needs a time out we have her sit on the stool facing the wall and then we count to 30 aloud. She usually sits there calmly and waits until we get to 29 and then turns her head around to confirm we're almost to
  • That's My Swiffer Girl
    I knew there was a more practical reason for why I wanted a girl first than just to play dress up. You can see the play kitchen she got for Christmas in some of these pictures.
  • Christmas Sunday Make-Up
    Our church was cancelled on Christmas Sunday because of the snowy weather. It was unfortunate, but for the best because the roads were very unsafe. In fact most or maybe all of the churches in the area were cancelled. On a side note, we did actually make it to the Christmas Eve service with the help
  • Man Pants
    Alyssa is learning to generalize and Luke's not liking her most recent generalization. Tights! as in "Pitty Tights" Tights! As in "Daddy's Tights" Luke is attempting to make her call his "tights" aka: thermal underwear - Man Pants!
  • Learning On Her Own
    Alyssa is at that age where she is learning faster than we can keep track. For example, one day she couldn't do puzzles on her own and the next she could do all three of her puzzles with no problem. Today I was upstairs folding clothes (what a great homemaker I am!) and Alyssa was working on a litt
  • Snow and more snow
    We truly live in a winter wonderland here in Washington. The snow has been amazingly beautiful, although we have mixed feelings as to if we really enjoy being snowed in for two entire weeks! Luckily one of my friends came to pick me up with her huge 4 wheel drive truck to take me to the grocery stor
  • Plurals
    Alyssa began talking in plurals this week! Her language development amazes me, although oddly enough it seems to be Luke who points out all of her new developments and then says something like "who's the speech therapist?! " She wears this shirt sometimes to remind me. :) I had a hard time getting a
  • Lyon Contact Lens
    Many people might not know this, but I am pretty much blind. I don't remember how old I was when I was fitted for glasses, but I was little. But old enough to still remember how much I hated them. The lenses were so thick in the frame that one side almost touched my face. They were so heavy that th
  • Santa Clause Clause
    Welcome to the little City of Duvall where every year the True Value Hardware Store offers free Santa Clause pictures! I was so excited to get have the kids take their pictures with Santa that I wasn't even hungry for lunch.which should have given me the hint that I was maybe a little over excited
  • They're My Brother's
    The other day Luke was dressing Alyssa after her morning bath and after he had these pants on her he asked "Are these hers?" I looked up and laughed because no, they are Evan's pants. But they fit perfectly around her waist. They have the same waist size! Too bad it's in the 40's here otherwise she
  • Happy Birthday Bridget
    Bridget and I love to share funny goofy things with each other AND coupons! :) I hope you have an amazing birthday and I wish I was in San Diego to share it with you! Here's a funny for you for your birthday! (We just started watching The West Wing, and this scene had me laughing) Hope you enjoye
  • Island Living
    Below is a live picture of one of the roads we take to get to our house. This picture is from a live feed which is cool, so we can watch what's going on from our kitchen. I can't find a before and after picture, but this is the road that flooded and the other road we normally take had high potential
  • Like it's not hard enough with 2 kids
    I'm proud of myself to be leaving somewhat on time to an outing with some moms I met in Alyssa's swimming class.UNTIL My Garmin runs out of batteries 5 minutes after I've left home and I can't plug it in because yesterday Alyssa dropped a penny in the cigarette lighter and it sparks when I try to s
  • What's going on?
    I feel like I used to be so organized with all the baby stuff. You know like having diapers, wipes, snacks at all times where ever I was. Well now days it's such a event to get 2 kids out the door that I try to remember those things, but it just doesn't always happen. The other day I'm in a public
  • Domesticated
    To quote my friend Bonnie's facebook status last week: "Bonnie is sewing.. I'm becoming domesticated!!!! ..oh wait, I already am!" That's how I felt this week. The only time I've really sewn anything before was in 10th grade in Home Economics where I made a dress, that was un-wearable, a stuffed mu
  • Pumpkin Cheese
    We journeyed to the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon. Really - it was a journey. We decided to follow our noses, but got totally lost. Thankfully we weren't in a hurry and found it with the help of our friend Ms. Garmin. Luke kept Alyssa entertained while on our extra long car ride by taking her pi
  • "30 Flirty and Thriving" - name that movie
    Yep I'm 30 now - crazy. I had actually forgotten I was turning 30 and was pretty excited about my birthday until my mom gave me her card with a huge 30 on the front. Then I was like "oh yeah - uh." Okay so it wasn't that bad.the flu shot I got today was worse.well not the actual shot, but now my arm
  • Mom Jeans
    Over the past few weeks we've had a tag-team of parents visit us. My mom was here the first week Evan was born followed by Luke's mom. Peggy was here while we packed and moved and then my parents came back for a couple of weeks to visit and help us settle into our new home. It seems like the weeks h
  • The Event of August 20th
    Evan Michael Foust was born on August 20th at 8 something and he weighed like 8 lbs or something. He came out pretty quickly which is nice. I think he is a boy. You know how it goes with the 2nd one, it's all just generally good. :) hehe Here's how it all went down... Contractions began while I wa
  • Our Intruder
    Unfortunately, I'm not talking about my mother nor my mother-in-law who have been staying with us these last few weeks. The other day we came home from running errands and my mom walked into the kitchen and was surprised by the a half eaten brownie sitting on the window ledge next to candles that w
  • Last Minute Stuff
    So contractions started today, yikes. Our family of 3 might be a family of 4 in the next couple of days, we'll see. This week we've done a lot of last minute stuff that I wanted to get on my blog before my life disappears! lol First Hair Cut We'll start from today. So I gave Alyssa a bath this mo
  • Snotty
    Finally Walking! In the last week Alyssa has changed so much! For one she began walking! One day she just decided to take about 4-6 steps multiple times a day. Then the next day it was a few more and by the 3rd day she was full on walking around the house without falling down. I think she is really
  • Scheduled
    I would first off like to apologize for those of you whom are receiving notice of my blog almost every day! I don't know what's going on, but Luke is trying to figure it out. So since my blog is being sent out I might as well try to write something new. :) 2 Weeks! I'm now under the 2 week mark fo
  • Summer Rain AND All It Brings
    So I'm not sure if it's summer yet because today it was about 60 degrees and raining! But what a better time to wipe away the cobwebs from my blog huh? Apartment Lease When I talked to the leasing manager a few weeks ago to try to get out of my lease she pretty much said that someone had to die.
  • Fresh Isn't Always Better
    So I just boldly stated to Luke and my parents "I think this was the best blueberry muffin that I've ever had!" They gave me crazy faces, laughed and told me that I must just be hungry. But seriously it was. I tried to get my dad to side with me because he halved it with me, but he just gave me one
  • Gotta Get Out
    So I'm going to try to get out of our apartment lease. Why? Because I just feel so squished here and I might go crazy if I have to live here for 6 more months. How? I'm not exactly sure, but I have a few ideas. First, I'm going to just inquire about how one would go about getting out of the lease
  • Why we don't have cable T.V.
    So our friend Jake came to visit us this week. He's the ideal houseguest because he's staying in a hotel. hehe No really we did tell him he could stay with us, but he wanted to be close to all the touristy things, you know and be on vacation to the fullest (aka - sleeping in, etc). Yesterday we di
  • Elephants and the Fishbowl
    In edition to the elephants that live upstairs and the car jackers who live across the way, we also have an intriguing neighbor that lives in the building next to us. It's a girl who lives right in front of the parking lot and has 2 big corner picture windows facing the walkway from the parking lot.
  • Alyssa's Birthday Blog
    My mom and grandma came to visit and help us celebrate Alyssa's birthday. We had a mini party that included a 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white cake with chocolate frosting that was "Alyssa Sized" and then a few cupcakes for the rest of us. Here's a view of Alyssa's 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate cake tha
  • Alyssa's Year
    Well Alyssa has made it through the first year of her life. Here are some highlights in case you missed them: The first and last time she ever sucked her thumb 1 day old The first thematic outfit she wore -4th of July 2 months old First terrible family picture 3 months old Best sad/cryi
  • Sucker
    This is Luke here, with my first guest post on good old Boss Lady Blog. I just have a quick little story to share. Today Sabrina and Alyssa came to my work to pick me up so we could go out to lunch. As they were driving up, I looked in the back seat and noticed that Alyssa was holding a lolipop. I
  • Ultimate Catch Up
    This blog will catch you up on most, but not all of my previous blogs. Snaggletooth As I hoped Alyssa's front teeth came in shortly after her snaggleteeth. Here is a picture of her cute teeth....although we had to take the picture upside down in order to get a good shot because she's stubborn and
  • Application for Friendship
    So I am thinking that I may have issues making friends here in the Seattle area because I'm such a waster. Some know this about me and for some of my "green" friends I try to shelter them from my wastefulness. You see just the other day we were at a baby shower in which I was in charge of bringing t
  • Young people these days!
    When we lived in San Diego we didn't eat out at fast food restaurants very much...well at least we didn't for dinner and if we did it was usually because we were going out with friends. Well, since we have lived here we have gone to McDonalds like 10 times for dinner (which is a lot for us) and ever
  • First Time Visitors on Tour
    Snaggletooth Comes Into View Besides Luke's mom and sister (Peggy and Angie) who came to visit us last week, we had another snaggletooth come to visit and we got a really good picture of the pair this weekend. But not to fret, one of her front teeth showed up today, Easter Sunday! So hopefully i
  • Stop It Already!
    It's okay to talk... I don't know where she gets it from, but she is quite the talker. She preaches about this and that and the other and babbles on and on and on about nothing. It's become quite the norm especially at meal times. Here she is telling us about why she can't eat her last two Che
  • Car Jacked
    Well Alyssa came down with her first fever this morning 101.8. Poor thing. It's because of her snaggletooth so hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow. So she was quite the grump today and did not want to take any naps, which is totally understandable -I guess, although if I was sick I'd want to be sl
  • Snaggletooth
    It's been a while since I've blogged and Melissa's giving me a hard time about it. It's just that we've been super busy with all our friends and such. hehe yeah right. So here's an update for ya'll. (Mostly about Alyssa) Snaggletooth So all the moms I've talked to say the same thing about teeth. F
  • The Elephants
    Our dear sweet apartment, how we love you so. It's not your fault that you were given faulty loud appliances that don't work well. But don't worry, when they break, know that I will be on the phone within minutes ordering you a new one from the maintenance shop. I know how you love your maintenance
  • Favorite Video's of All Time
    As many of you know I'm a You Tube lover. I love it when my friends send me video's because it's like a surprise birthday party, they are usually totally unexpected and they usually provoke an extreme emotion weather it be laughter or being totally grossed out. I recently came across some video's t
  • Things get Crazy When Husband Turns 30
    So yesterday was my very first pregnancy doctor's appointment. And we're having twins! Yup, we're pretty excited about it. I mean, they didn't say we're not having twins, so we're just assuming that we are. We were able to listen to the heartbeat at the doctor's office, but who's to say there isn't
  • Against my Husband's Wishes
    I usually run my blog topics off my husband to see what he thinks before I publish them because sometimes my emotions get the best of me and he usually has a pretty good sense of what is appropriate and what is not. For instance I have lots of friends and sometimes my friends do strange or crazy thi
  • When Will the Weather Cease to Surprise me?
    Well we've been living here in Washington for about 3 months now and the weather still ceases to amaze me. Just the other day I'm getting ready to go out for the day and I peek out the window to figure out what to wear. There is no cloud in the sky (that I can see from my window) and the sun is shi
  • Smug About Smugmug
    For some of you this will be a repeat blog post, if you read my husbands blog, but for those of you who don't or just enjoy my versions of his it my bigger and better version. Disclaimer: His blog post is actually really good. :) It all started with Christmas and the decision of wha
  • My Secret
    First of all, if you have never heard of let me give you a little history. is a website started by this guy who first went around a his town posting signs for people to send him their secrets. He got an overwhelming response and published a book. Then decided to start p
  • Apartment and Car Sales - it's the gender difference
    I had forgotten that apartment shopping was like shopping for a car. First of all we were fortunate, or according to Luke - unfortunate, to be provided with a service through Microsoft that sets you up with an "apartment finder." In our case the "apartment finder" was in the form of a lady who enj
  • Intruder
    Washington is great if you are outside. If you are inside it's not all that great. I'm kind of a paranoid person anyway, but lately it's been real life freak outs. First of all we are staying in a fabulous 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished with perks like a washer/dryer, a crib for Alyssa, a fire